14 sg 150 mi oil change ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by plow boy, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. plow boy

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    New SG I have 150mi on it. I'm going to change the oil today , just don't know if I should put non-synthetic or synthetic until my 1000mi oil change. Don't know how to use the search , just doesn't work for me . Thanks any and all help with this .
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    Totally up to You. CVO's come with Syn3 installed. I have synthetic in mine too.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Your choice, but there's no problem switching over to a full synthetic now. Everyone has different techniques about break in oil change intervals and how long to stick with dino before switching to synthetic. The CVO bikes and many high end autos come from the factory with synthetic installed.
  4. Jack Klarich

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  5. hillbilly81

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    Go for it
  6. rhino 2

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    I50 miles seems too soon, [your call] I would think at a thousand would be better to flush out any left over particles' from the manufacturing process.
    As far as SYN, You can use it now without any problem..
  7. Scrounger

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    The most widely argued question ever. Since most of the bikes sold already come with synthetic in them, I always switched to synethic immediately.
  8. plow boy

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    Changed oil yesterday 215 mi , I used Harley 20-50 reg oil . I used a 5qt oil jug with side cut out for drain pan let it sit for a while and slowly poured it into another jug , before I poured it all out I checked what was left in the bottom , there was more specks than I thought there should have been , then I remembered that I punched holes in the filter and drained the filter in with the rest of the oil . What I learned was that there is metal particles that the oil picks up , but I still don't know if the filter picks most of it up , there was a very small amount on the drain plug magnet . I really wish that I would have kept the filter oil separate , really missed a good chance to learn something . Thanks for all the replies .
  9. plow boy

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    I changed oil again Wednesday @ 880mi [motor transmission and primary] the motor oil was very clean ,I didn't see any metal . The transmission and primary was a different story , I was looking to find some metal flakes in the bottom of the pan but to my surprise both looked like metal flake paint . That leaves me thinking that I should change the transmission and primary again soon . Dealer is doing a dino tune ,[it had header pipe, muffler, and ac up grades and was doing a lot of de-cel popping, they wouldn't do a dino tune until 1000mi. I'm going to get it today, looking forward to riding it without the popping. The dealer is 130mi away so I'll have a good ride home. Ya'll have a good day.
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    I was told by an old school engine builder that regular dino oil would help the rings seat/break in easier than synthetic. I knew there would be small particles in there being a new motor so my first oil change was 500 miles. I then changed it again at 1000 where I then went to synthetic. Also did the primary and tranny at 500 then 1000 miles. Run Mobil 1 in the motor, HD Primary + and Spectro Platinum 6 in tranny. Just my 2 cents.