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13" 412s


They work GREAT!

Improved the ride SO much more. The missus says her backside is still getting sore, but she can manage it a bit better.

Mustang two up seat is next!

And I think a set of short shots, since I scraped the lower factory exhaust making it around a turn tonight!! :bigsmiley19:
now if someone can riddle me this...

with the baffle on them, how are they still?

and do you really lose that much power, since they're designed as drag pipes, and don't have the same back pressure?

what about the sideshots?
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okay. thanks. I'm just trying to think of ways I can keep the chrome shiny, and not scuff it up, making turns. Already did that once... and while you have to get underneath to look at it... it just tarnishes the whole thing in my opinion...
well that's darned good info Hobbit. Thank you much sir!

You just sold me on the slip ons!!
awesome. only thing is I ride two up, a lot. so there's probably more of a chance with me. however, knowing this, i'll just take the corners easy with a passenger.

not to get too side tracked, but what fuel management and air setup did you go with?