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Discussion in 'Buell' started by Baggh, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I had my 1125 Dyno'd yesterday. I got tired of speculating and surfing the internet to see what my bike had under the tank... errrr... between the tank :) My riding buddy's and I had a pretty good idea but I wanted it confirmed soooo... I paid my $40 and got it done.

    I have a Jardine RT 5 pipe on my '09 1125 CR. Reading online it's claimed that installing this pipe instantly adds 12 HP. Total bull. If simply installing a pipe added that kinda power every one would be doing it. Oh wait... they are. but yeah... still bull BUT I'm thinking it added 4~6 horses and it sounds awesome! Nothing out there sounds like the 1125... uber mean Harley~esque deep rumble... but more charged up... quicker thumps. Kind of like a Harley that had a case of Monster drinks or something. nuff about the pipe though... on with the results...

    Claimed Engine Horses at the Crank:146
    My bike's HP at 10.5k rpm: 128.5
    at 6k rpm: 70 horses
    at 3.5k rpm: 30 horses

    Claimed Engine Torque at the Crank: 82 ft. lbs
    My Bikes Torque at 10.5 rpm: 69.1
    at 6k rpm: 65
    at 3.5k rpm: 53

    Plenty of mean machine power... the torque curve is what is really amazing... the reall isn't one! The torque pretty much stays level thru the entire power band.

    good stuff
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    Sorry.. I should have stated in my previous post...

    all of my results are "rear wheel" results. The actual power that is being laid on the pavement.

    I'm thinking Buell's "claimed" crank #'s are spot on.