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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Chili Mac, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I have a '11 Limited and it sat most of the winter while I was on the road traveling. When I went to start it up it would not turn over. Lights and radio came on and did not dim when the starter button was pushed and the engine did not try to turn over. I put in the security code and got it to turn over but not start. I hooked up the jump started and had to re-enter the security code again before the engine would turn over. It finally started and I let the bike run for about 30 minutes at idle with a few light twists on the throttle to charge the battery some. When I shut her down and tried to restart, I had to enter the security code again before she would start. Now each time I have to enter the security code to get the bike to start. Is this an indication of a bad TSSM?
    Thanks for any help.
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    If you have to enter the code, the fob battery is probably bad. #2032 available everywhere batteries are sold. A good indication the fob battery is bad is the flashing of the signals when turned on. They should only flash two times.
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    I guess I should have stated that I have already changed batteries in both FOBs still happened.
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    Unless you had a fan blowing over the engine running it at idle for 30 minutes is a bad idea. If it's the original battery you may be due for a new one. A motorcycle trickle charger is a good investment if you don't already have one.
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    first and easiest thing to do is replace the FOB battery. Then keep the fob in your pocket or at least 'near' the bike to start it. I recently bought an '11 RK and rode it home and next day it would NOT start!!! I called the previous owner and he knew NOTHING!!! I called the local HD shop they said try a new FOB battery - I did and immediately it started and ran fine and been going fine ever since. I will change out the FOB battery every year from now on!!

    Good Luck with your new bike and be safe!
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    Start with checking all battery cables for tightness. Charge or replace battery.