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    on mny black road king i'm wondering if there is anything else in addition to what is listed that i should be concerned about or that i should double or triple check on my 2002 road king classic.

    any advice or experiences would be helpful.

    also, at 12k is it a good time to go synth or stay will conventional? is there a real disadvantage to conventional? i always used it in my audi, not so with the grand cherokee because its not recommended, but the road king... not sure. it seems it depends on who you ask.

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    Go with:
    • a FULL synthetic vTwin 20W50 engine oil in the engine,
    • a FULL synthetic GL-5 rated 75W90 - 75W140 (depending on ambient temp.) gear lube in the tranny,
    • a fit-for-purpose wet clutch chaincase fluid like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary in the primary

    For the maintenance:

    • open up the nose cone (cam cover) and inspect the tensioner shoes. Get a cheap dental mirror to look at the one behind the plate. If fund permit, up-grade to the roller chain conversion. See here:

    TQs Engine Build

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    Roller Chain Conversion white paper

    Roller-chain Conversion - Harley Davidson Community

    More maintenance:
    • Open up the inspection plate on the primary cover (good way to add the fluid anyway) and inspect the chain tension and condition of the shoe.
    • Adjust the clutch
    • Lube all the cables (clutch and throttle)
    • Inspect brake pads
    • Flush and bleed the brake systems
    • Lube the head bearings
    • Change the fork oil
    • Inspect tires all the way around
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    wow, thanks TQuentin1

    really helpful. i know what to ask for and what to look for and makee sure its being donw. im going to print this out.
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    The Road test is the most important and most fun:p
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    Depending on the mileage, might want to replace wheel bearings and seals also.