103" Stage 2 with SE255 Evaluation

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    I recently (last week) finished putting my 2008 Electraglide back together after installing the 103" Stage 2 kit with SE255 cams. I also installed manual compression releases while it was apart. Got a 10 minute quick shake down ride after re-assembly but then rain started and bike stayed in the shop till tonight.

    Only issue on initial start up and test ride was engine had stumble off idle and was a bit rough at idle. Also had loud decel pop when slowing down but other wise the engine sounded good and she pulled hard. Engine seemed to be running a little lean based on symptoms at idle and part throttle.

    I had downloaded the canned Stage 2 map already so played with the smart tune function on the SEPST. Tuning indicated the ve tables were too low by anywhere from 5-10 percent. Increased the ve tables by 7.5% and then decided to err on the side of caution and increased tables by a total of 10% across the board. Down loaded new map and she runs much nicer, no more stumble off idle or backfiring on decel. Ran another quick smart tune recording and smart tune now recommends decreasing ve tables slightly so I am happy with being a little on the rich side during break-in.

    Rain finally stopped this afternoon so got a chance to take the Electraglide out for its first real good break-in run (rode for about 2 hours)

    Over all I would have to say I am very pleased with this build. Original engine had 36 k on it so I was very used to original 96" performance.

    New 103" really pulls hard compared to the old configuration. Still very docile and tractable when idling through town at low rpm but when you get on the throttle, she up and goes. Engine spins up very fast and pulls hard all the way to 5000 rpm. I've read plenty of reports that this cam combination falls off after 4000 rpm. Not in my case, this engine wants to keep on reving higher but I would just as soon shift at 5 grand. Spinning any faster just adds to the stress on the reciprocating assembly and I've got pleny of gears.

    Again, very happy with the performance. I'm looking forward to trying it out riding two up and loaded down for travelling. The compression releases are nice and sure helps it to crank over fast. It actually cranks over better now than it ever did with the stock 96" configuration. Compression releases are simple to actuate as well. Just have to make sure you press down on the release and not the neighboring head bolt (those can get pretty warm)... As you can see in the photo's, the compression releases are barely noticable next to the spark plug boots as well so it looks pretty much stock which I like.

    The only thing left to do now is play with the smart-tune function a bit more and see if I can get the ve tables and other settings as close to optimal as possible. No idea what the fuel mileage is like yet as I was having a very hard time staying off the throttle. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon so I can go back to being a mature responsible rider.... :D

    At the end of the day, I am very happy with the performance and I think this kit is a pretty good value for the performance dollar. Being that all the parts are made by the Motor Company and appear to be very good quality, I expect to get a lot of reliable miles out of this build.

    Total cost of build with Stage 2 kit, SE cam bearings, SEPST tuner package (software, cables etc.) and cyl. head work came in just under $1700.00 in Canuck dollars. Total install time was about 25 hours but that includes many hours just polishing up chrome parts etc. while waiting for heads to come back from machine shop. Total beer required: approximately 18 cans of frosty cold Kokanee...

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    Congrats on the build! Bike looks great. Glad you had a smooth build. You finished just in time for riding weather. Still 2-3 weeks to go here (I hope).
    Ride safe..

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    Good for you, The weather Needs to be Nice,,,, Just for that NICE looking bike..

    Thanks for posting the information....... GOOD JOB !!

    I'm doing my 103" when I get MORE miles on it Also.. My se255 cams are Great in the 96"...

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    We did the same build on my buddies bike (we used the andrews 54's). After the tune (TTS) his dyno was a solid 102# torq and 96 hp. The torq curve was the best I have seen in a while. I will attach the sheet. I would imagine you are very close to his.
    Good choice on your build and I know you will be happy with it. I still believe the 103 is the best engine combo harley has put out.

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