103 stage 2 install price

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by harleyvee, May 3, 2009.

  1. harleyvee

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    i have a 2007 egc that has race tuner and screaming eagle mufflers,air cleaner.i would like have 103 put in but money funds are low. want to see what i cost.
  2. STEVE07

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    Have you checked Harleys web site and put together what you want in a wishlist? That will at least get you the retail on everything,then write down the part nimbers and go online to Zannotis and Chicago Harley and see what there prices are.Then take that to your local dealer and see what they will do
  3. Subby

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    I agree with Smitty901. There's nothing wrong with the stock 96. How much power do you really need?? I can scare myself real good with the stock bike. Reliability is far more important to me.
  4. spartacus55

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    if you use the 103 kit suggested in the harley catalog (screaming eagle catalog) which comes with se cylinders se flat top pistons 255 cams and hd clutch spring the cost with the dyno tune is about 1700 bucks. I've just had it done to my 2007 road king and it runs great also bumped up hp from 66 to 88 and tq 77 to 102 if you can scrape up the bucks you won't believe the difference and at least at my harley dealer if you install this exact kit the warranty is still good. good luck whatever you decide. rj