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    Hi, Just joined the forum and am hopeing someone can give me some info a problem I am having with my new to me bike. Have been a shovelhead rider for years and still have my old 78. Have also had 2 evos. Got this 103 a few months ago and due to health reasons I never rode it for a month. Rode it about 5 miles and all at once all lifters started raising cane. Took it to the indy who is a authorized HD warranty repair. He put a Fueling high output oil pump and a set of high performance lifters in it. Same problem, start it up cold and it is as quiet as a new bike, after a few miles all at once all lifter start sounding like there is hammers in there, I don't mean just ticking. As I said it has a new pump and cam plate and lifters. Can anyone offer and suggestions on what to look for. The bike is a 2006 Screaming eagle and the insides are like new, you can tell it has been very well taken care of. Bike does have high mileage but as clean as the internals are it is hard to believe it is something major. Any info anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
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    What type of oil pressure are you seeing at startup, and what is the pressure when it starts making noise?
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    Welcome to The forum, I assume the whole engine is Screaming Eagle? Has the top end ever been looked at IE the rocker arms and mounts