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    a few questions on the 1000 mile service. would it be wise to let the selling dealer do it so I would have it recorded for any warranty problems later? Also I plan to change lubes myself. Which lead to my other questions. Owners manual recommends HD 10w40 or 20w50 depending on temps rode in for the engine,recommends HD formula + for trans and chaincase. Dealer says to use screaming eagle 20w50 in all three cases. I have read all the oil threads ansd have been a mechanic for over 30 years and I did a double take when they said this. Plan on changing lubes this week. What should I use for engine,trans and chaincase? This is a great forum.
  2. wildspirit97

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    good quality 20-50 in the engine, Lucas, Mobile 1 etc.....
    Spectro 6 speed in the tranny
    Formula +, Redline, Royal Purple, or Spectro heavy duty primary lube in the Primary
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    All that is required to keep the warranty happy is that you keep receipts for all the parts (& labor if you have the work done). Unless I knew for certain that the dealer was honest in his dealings & his help was competent, I would not have any bike of mine serviced by a factory dealer service department. They are normally in too much of a hurry to do the work properly.
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    I used syn 20W50 in all 3 holes for about 30K miles. I recently put 75W140 in the trans and like the differance a lot. The bike doesn't clunk as much going into first and neutral is easier to find.

    I used Syn 3 for the first 20K and then switched to a brand that takes a beating on this site.

    I think that synthetics are better and as long as you use a quality brand you'll be happy. I would also recommend a heaver gear oil in the trans.