1000 Mile Service Today

Discussion in 'Oil' started by softail41, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. softail41

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    Took the Softail to Harley Davidson of Montgomery, AL today (88.2 miles one-way) to get the 1000 mile service. After weeks of research on this site and advice from many here, I went with Mobile 1 in the engine, HD Formula + in the primary, and...wait for it...Spectro in the tranny!

    I must admit, there was a noticable difference in shifting immediately. Thank you all for the great advice!

    On another note, the folks at Montgomery H-D were the best. I've never visited a more friendly business. Because of the distance, I waited at the dealership while the service was being done, and in the process met a lot of nice people...employees, local HOG members, as well as other customers. Great experience all the way around. Thanks again!:D
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    Glad to hear you found a good dealer.
    Post in the thread Good dealers and experiences to let others know.
  3. HDDon

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    A great service experience, fresh fluids in the bike, a dealer that you like and is a nice bike ride away, and you got to meet some nice people. See what happens when you ride a Harley!!
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    Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday & that Spectro 6-speed fluid's like "gold" in the tranny. Allready have next bottle waiting when my tranny service is due.
  5. dbmg

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    And as you ride with the new service and oils you have chosen, you will see how much more enjoyable as the miles go by, the better your HD will get...:s
  6. softail41

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    It was an awesome Saturday, indeed! Everyone traveling I-65 south on the way to Daytona should stop in at HD Montgomery and check it out. Great people and awesome service.

    I will do that, indeed!
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  7. Bodeen

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    I am very excited to hear that you found a good dealer! Not a lot of those stories these days.