1000 mile service on flhx decided on oil

Discussion in 'Oil' started by lhgdale, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. lhgdale

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    Hello, I will be doing the 1000 miles service on my 2012 Street Glide in the next week or so. These are the oils I have decided on.

    Engine: Mobile 1 V-twin, I have a Amsoil dealer close to the house but I have read alot of good reviews on the Mobile 1.

    Primary: Harley Formula Plus, I have tried Amsoil in the Primary on previous bikes and always liked the "feel" of the Harley oil the best.

    Trans: Spectro 6 Speed, After all the great reviews on this oil I can't wait to put it in!

    Let me know what you think, if you are running the same oils and what you think. Thanks

    I was wanting to also ask about the Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer. I have a new quart of this sitting on the shelf. Has anyone used this or recommends using it? Thanks

    Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer : Lucas Oil - Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
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  2. Ishmael

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    I've been pleased with those very choices in my 2000 Fatboy (Spectro GL-1 being a 5 speed). There are other good choices, Lucas, Redline, Amsoil,etc. but that being said you're in good company.
    I was especially impressed with the trans lube, better, quieter shifting. Ride safely.
  3. hammerhead pat

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    I'm using those oils in my 2011 FLHR ans am happy with them. Your tranny will still sound like the bottom is getting blown out when you shift, but internally I'm sure it's better protected.
  4. lhgdale

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    That's funny!

    I'm ready to get the factory stuff out of it and the good stuff in.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    I have saved a New bike from being returned to HD here in Az.

    A friend traded off his old bike early to wait for the New bike to come in. His old trade-in had RE sold by then.
    Picking up his 08 shark-nose and rode it home. Calling me and In a HUFF to see IF he could get a ride back home IF things went SOUR..
    Asking what the problem was: Low and 5th are NOISY and I'm Not Happy..... I'm Taking it back...

    I asked IF he would try Redline Heavy Shockproof FIRST... Reluctantly he gave it a try (I always have x-tra quarts on hand).
    Two hours went by and I was getting worried he Might do something Dumb, A proud TOUGH retired marine he is...

    A call came about that time THANKING Me for the Redline saying IT (his tranny) was quiet as he expected it to be in the first place...

    Now, I have used Redline Heavy Shockproof for all my many years and Bikes.

    Good stuff..

    I do believe Others May be good BUT NOT as Good.. IMHO..

  6. dbmg

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    With the combination you are suggesting to use, you are spot on and will be amazed how much better your machine will run....:s
    The only difference with mine is Spectro in primary.
  7. Iceman24

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    That 6-speed Spectro is like "gold" in your tranny - quieter & smoother from the time I switched @ 1st change. Also, don't rule out Spectro's primary oil - good stuff too!!!
  8. Harley38

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    I am using the exact combo in both bikes and no complaints.
  9. JBC2565

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    I've run the same set up with no complaints. Only difference is this time I got some spectro primary at the Indy with the Tranny fluid to save me a stop at the dealer (already had an oil filter). I didn't notice that much between formula+ and spectro primary to be honest. I've been happy with both.
    Probably will continue to use whichever is more convenient.
  10. Bodeen

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    Great choices IMO. You will be happy with all of them.