100,000 miles on 05 Electraglide Standard

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by billymack56, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. billymack56

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    Looking for any feedback on my 05 Electraglide.
    Rode today 1-2-11 on Cape Cod,Ma.
    Hit 100,000 miles. Bike still runs strong.
    Have always riden it like I stole it.---Hard and Fast.
    Minor repairs shifter pawl 2times.
    Cam chain tensioner w/ oem stock at 44,000 miles.
    Belt had pack man cracks @ 40.000 changed.
    Always changed fluids @2500 miles .
    Now change @5000miles.
    Always used SYN3 all fluids.
    How long anyone think this motor will go.
    Anyone seen much more on these 88 motors.
    Would appreciate any feedback.
    Ride On
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Wonder what caused the belt to go so soon, enjoy pounding out your next 100k
  3. dbmg

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    There the proof that Harley's are nothing more than a very reliable motorcycle to own that will give many trouble free miles. Suggest contacting MOCO and see if there is some type of award that they offer for such a great achievement....
    Even if a new bike purchased you can never get rid of this one.
  4. CTUltra

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    Great to hear that you got 100,000 miles using SYN3. Perhaps it shows that the frequency of scheduled maintenance is more important than brand of oil used.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    HMMM, syn 3 in all 3 holes wow:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Being as the OP is in a cooler climate...that may help...and if he does not get wet snow/salt on it during the winter and performs his routine maintenance within his 5,000 mile/6 month regimen, he may indeed go up to the 200,000 mile mark. Syn3 in all three holes...? there may be long term issue regarding the tranny and clutch life, as there are better lubes that offer long gear lubrication life w/o friction modifiers that can cause premature clutch failure, even 200 HP multi-cylinder engines spinning @ 19,000 RPM w/ 10W-40 Dino oil do not use synthetic/blend in their single lube application...JMHO! :s
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  7. CropdusterDoug

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    As it applies to airplane engines, and diesel truck engines, the more continuous running at normal operating temperature, the longer the engine will last. It’s the heating up to normal operating temperatures that the most engine wear takes place, OR with dirty intake air. With Ag Planes, the engine can be running all day long. The loadings and refueling take place with the engine idling. Airplanes which are used only occasionally never make it to normal Time Between Overhaul hours. Airplanes that are flown often not only make it to TBO, but beyond. I think that this applies to the 100,000 mile Harley. The question is….how sore is his butt? :)

    HOLY DIVER Junior Member

    as long as the cam tensioners are not forgotten about any 88twin cam should go well beyond 100k as long as you don't get drunk at bike week and do lotts of burn outs and abuse your engine. i do agree with the above posts syn3 in the engine ok primary and tranny there are better choices that cost less
  9. tlyoungb

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    I have an 05 Electra Glide Standard, and just turned 70,300 miles on mine. I had the cam chain tensioners replaced at 60,000, and just got the 5 year Extended Service plan with wheel and tire. Bike runs great and strong. The only thing I can't seem to fix is the darn rattle in the shifter. It seems to be right there where the shaft connects to the heal toe shifter.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Could this be the splined slotted ends contacting each other, preventing the pinch lever from engaging the shaft. You will need a very thin contact file to open up the slot wider, so the pinch bolt can cinch it up without damaging the serrations on the shaft (hopefully they are not worn or damaged.

    An alternative to stop the rattle, you can install a wavy sping washer to help tension the assembly so it does not rattle? Without a picture I am flying this post a bit blind. :s
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