1 st ride Lowrider S

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    Picked-up the bike from the dealer yesterday and put a quick 100 miles on it. I traded a 2016 stock Lowrider, so I can compare. The S fixes the complaints I had with the stock Lowrider: Not enough power and poor suspension. Loads of torque on the S and the suspension and handling are very good. It reminds me of my sport bike days. I no longer have to steer around manhole covers. I haven't done enough miles to really assess the riding position, but it may need minor changes. I'm 5'11 and it's not a bad fit. As with all Harleys I've had except touring bikes, the seat needs changing for any distance riding. It provides good support, but my fat A$$ needs more padding. Bike stops the same as the stock Lowrider and haven't had the ABS engaged yet. Looks are a matter of taste and I like it except for the wheel color. I was expecting gold, something like on the JPS formula 1 cars of the 70s. It looks more like the results of a bad chili and beer day! Easy fix, but for the cost I expected better. Overall finish is good with clean lines. I would definitely have bought this over the stock Lowrider if it was available 6 months ago. You get allot for the extra money.
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    Congrats on the new scoot and thanks for the evaluation so far. Now you can customize it to your liking:).
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    My dealer said they have people waiting,cash in fist for them to roll in.It does sound like you get a good deal for the amount of money.And Congrats!!
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    Hoping for many miles of smiles..;)
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    Sounds like a good machine ;)
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    Enjoy that scooter!