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1,000 mile service on 08, electronic throttle, synthetic oil

Personally I can not tell the difference between the electronic throttle and the traditional cables. Will keep everyone up to date as time goes on and let you know of any problems. The only difficulty with ETC is the dealer can not put ape hangers on the bike yet because HD has not released the extension cables for the bigger bars. Apes are a necessity for me or I get back problems leaning over.

The cruise control on the Road King is as smooth as silk with ETC, but I have not ridden a Road King with cruise control turned on and traditional cables.

I am also trying HD's synthetic oil for the first time. I bought the extended warranty, so my startegy is to do the 5000 mile scheduled maintainence with syn oil and HD can fix any problems. Their warranty coverage is so good, I am not worried about being stranded somewhere.

Had to ride the bike in the rain with heavy winds today and boy that bike is so solid. The wind was buffeting me but the bike never budged.
The syn 3 oil isn't the best choice on the market comparatively speaking. It isn't a true synthetic but a group 3 modified base stock. Other synthetics start life as a synthetic.
One word of caution is to use a gear lube in the trans and not syn 3. It is not intended for use as a gear lube even thou some dealers use it as such, it's an engine oil. It doesn't protect your investment as well as it should/could.
Using a gear lube instead of the syn 3, you will find less gear material stuck to the magnet on a trans oil change than with a good gear lube. I try to tell people to change the trans oil when they run syn 3 in there and notice the "fuzz" on the magnet, then go to a gear oil and then next trans oil change compare what they find at the next change.

It tells a story.
The "fuzz" is gear material that is wearing. :s

Take a look here for more info.
I have a 08 road king I just finished installing 10'' apes. I used HD part 32310-08 twist grip sensor kit I think there is enough wire to go to 12'' bars.
Bluesssman I also changed to Lucas Synthetic in the tranny(90/140 I believe), and am just astonished how it drops down in gear and shifts so effortlessly. However, my bike didn't want a full qt. of it and I had to turkey baster it to reach the marks on the dip stick(warmed it up,stood it up and kept sucking it out)(it was foamy too) until it read right. Final tally was only about 24 0z.--Checked it cold and it was still above the full mark!!?-I just left it there.--Hope I'm not hurting something.--Also, I ride a Howard Roberts Fusion, circa '87, bought new(custom ordered) and all black!--You'll know what I'm talking about!!!--Peace,--Breeze to the Knees!!