09Tri Glide - gimme the good, bad, and ugly y'all!

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by MJanusz, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. MJanusz

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    Being injured in Iraq, I thought my riding days had totally ended...but the trike will keep me riding for a long time to come, I hope!

    The only thing I've noticed thus far, that is a bit of a let down is shifting it back into Neutral. I found that about half the time, the shifter was so sensitive (hard to move) that I would jump over N when trying to either lift the toe or push down on the heel bar. Once I push the bike forward or backwards a couple inches, it seems to take care of this problem. Any thoughts?

    Also-anyone with any comments on this bike, please let me know your thoughts (good or bad) as well as mods you feel are essential compared to mods that are for fun or looks. Thanks all!

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    I for one would do away with the toe & heel shifter , I found the same thing on a SG I test drove , JMO the toe shifter is the way to go .
  3. MJanusz

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    I don't know that replacing the shifter will help...it was super hard to control (to slide it in to N) whether I was lifting the toe or pushing the heel. :newsmile08:

    I will keep this in mind should I fail to find any other potential resolutions for the problem. Thanks!
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    What fluids are you currently running in your transmission and primary? Sometimes a tranny problem like yours can be improved greatly by switching fluids. Not saying it's definitely going to fix your issue but it's a cheap and easy starting point.
  5. Breeze3at

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    1st, THANK YOU for your service over there!
    2nd, Welcome to the forum.
    3rd, It sounds like you need a proper clutch adjustment. A slightly dragging clutch can cause you to apply enough pressure to "jump" over neutral. Both my bikes will slip into N from 1st or 2nd with just a nudge on the lever. See the clutch adj. tips in the self help section (top left of page).
  6. Hoople

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    These guys have you covered with fluid types and clutch adjustment. Also keep in mind the proper fluid level in the primary is Very important. A little too much and the bike will be hard to find neutral.. Since you don't jiffy stand (lean) your Trike, a visual look at primary level may be mis-leading.

    I am sure the owners manual is written different for the Trike. Point being some of what you read here may not apply in every case...
  7. Trapshooter

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    Try slipping it into N before you come to a complete stop. Works for me....

    And THANK YOU for your service to our great country !
  8. Boom

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    Likewise, thank you for your service, 10-fold!!

    I've always used Redline Heavy Duty Shockproof oil in my bike/trike transmissions. A tremendous help in the shifting area. Also make certain your clutch is in good adjustment and the getting it into neutral becomes easier with age.
  9. MJanusz

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    I should have known what a great group of Americans I'd find on this forum. Thank you all for the kind words concerning my service. Please...don't ever stop saying "thanks" to a Vet when you have the chance. I live next door to Fort Hood and I still say thanks to each and every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Devil Dog I encounter...sometimes it causes met to be stuck in one place for a while but it is well worth it to me! I made a career of it and, after my experience in Somalia, knew what I was getting in to. The younger Warriors out there knew there was a war going on but many had no clue what combat actually means for those that experience it. Those are the troopers that really need the support from all of us! Thanks again and happy riding.

    :mgun :USA :rider :USA :mgun
  10. 173ABN

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    As others have said Thanks for your service. To your problem If this is your first Harley then I think you may find that it will take a little time and you will get shifting into neutral very easy. If you have a friend that has a Harley you might have him or her try it out and that could eliminate if it is a clutch or tranny problem.
    Welcome Home and ride safe