09 V-Rod Muscle...Rake & Trail?

Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by ridingmtnroads, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. ridingmtnroads

    ridingmtnroads New Member

    I currently own an 08 night rod special. I love much about it, but am not happy with the handling. I looked at an 09 v-rod muscle and noticed that it has inverted forks and a longer trail. I know the fork inversion improves handling, but what does increasing the trail do?

    How much of an impact will these have on the handling of this bike on handling twisites?
  2. vrodmucle

    vrodmucle Member

    I have a new vrod mucle, still getting used to it but it handles like a dream, took a few rides to get used to the corners but now its flying round, I absolutely love this baby!:D