09 Ultra stock cast wheels w/WWW's?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by tima, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Has anyone put WWW's on thier 09 with cast wheels. Someone on here thought that might not be done without changing out the wheels. I'm posting a link to Motorcyclesuperstore, it looks as though Dunlop has them. I'm not even sure of the tire size now, it's too late to go to the garage and look. The 09's have a huge tire on the back now but whatever.....anyone know??

    Front tire
    Dunlop D402 Harely-Davidson Whitewall Front Tire - Motorcycle Superstore

    Rear tire
    Dunlop D402 Harley-Davidson Whitewall Rear Tire - Motorcycle Superstore
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    I don't have an '09....got an '01 instead. Stock mag wheels and i'm gonna put www on mine. there's a post somewhere titled "big white walls" where someone asked the same question. just a matter of personal taste, after all it is YOUR bike. JMO