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  1. algoma

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    Hey guys

    My 09 streetglide is "for export" canadian bike.Cats are supposed to be in header.
    Took my right muffler off today and ran a steel rod all the way up to the curve going to front cylinder. No cat in header??
    I removed the left muffler and noticed a difference with the right one.
    The exhaust end is blocked about 6" in, with holes in the short pipe to the end of muffler.If you look in the inlet side ,it's hollow but with a mesh or screen type material on or near outdide tube diameter.
    The right muffler has baffles and is not hollow like the left one.Also most of the exhaust seems to exit left muffler.Could this be "cat in left muffler" exhaust?
    If the cat is in the left muffler, would slipons require a stage one download,or should I still get pipes and slipons?
    Any comments welcome. Thanks!
  2. glazier

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    As far as I know, cats weren't put in new bikes until 2010. You have the last of the cat free bikes.
  3. 89stroker

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    My guess is that the exhaust on that '09 is not original. The '09 Streetglide did not have twin mufflers, it came with only a right side muffler-at least it was that way on the Canadian '09 Streetglide models. The exhaust on that bike has been changed.
  4. algoma

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    Bought bike new in 08.Canadian models have had cats in the mufflers since 2005 or 2006.
    I know -09's have the cat in the header .Maybe they used up parts befre switching to cats in the headers.??? If someone has any info in this would appreciate it, thanks.
  5. Iceman24

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    algoma; I'm not 100% on the "export" bike exhaust for 09's, but it seems like they have some sort of "hybrid" CAT set-up for your Canada EPA rqmnts. In 2009 HD ran the 2-1-2 exhaust for USA-touring bikes and there wasn't a CAT in the exhaust. Seems odd to have element in L-pipe only (no header/no-R-pipe), but maybe the design/engineering met Canada's EPA std at the time.

    As far as exhaust swap...pipes only are "normally" OK for running bike on stock settings. In your case, with the odd-CAT set-up, might be recommended to add a tuner for good measure & then you're set for current + future modifications.

    JMO, but I'm guessing it's not the last upgrade you'll install, right? :s :D