09 Road King Risers: Has anyone done it ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Potato Man, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Potato Man

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    I know there are posts about installing risers, but I have an 09 RK with the fly-by-wire throttle wires inside the bars. I went to the dealer and they had a hard time coming up with a riser & longer clutch, brake cable setup, and , there are no throttle wire extensions in the book. I DID find throttle wire extenders on ebay, cheap; but I was wondering how much throttle wire slack is in the nacelle ? If there is at least 4" of slack then maybe I don't need to extend the throttle wire cable.

    If anyone has successfully installed the 4" risers, riser plate, and all the extended clutch, brake cables and throttle wires , I would appreciate some help.

  2. Bud White

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    ya got maybe 3 1/2 inchs i have taller risers and bars and didnt have to replace nothing . though any taller i will need the ext

    chck barnett for the clutch cable .. and brake line.. if you have abs you will need the dealer to bleed it after replacement