09 road glide front tire tread pattern ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sterjak, Aug 11, 2009.

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    two new bikes in my family now, 09 ultra & 09 road glide, had them parked side by side and noticed the front tire tread patterns were opposite ways, checked the arrows on the sidewalls both were correct, what is going on here? I notice other postings related to front tires on SG. is this a issue on RG also.? What to do about this and which bike has the correct tire on it..?
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    Biglew is correct google Tire TT400.pdf to read the bulletin
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    If you have a 2009 Touring bike that was produced early in the production cycle, say June 08 through Dec 08 or so, you will have a D407F on the front. If your bike was born somewhere around the end or Dec 08 or early Jan 09, you will have a D408F on the front. The MOCO was aware of riders who were experiencing a "wear issue" with the D407F front tires and had Dunlop develop a new tire dubbed the D408F which reversed the tread pattern from the earlier D407F front tires.
    Many riders are now experiencing this irregular wear pattern as they approach the 5000 mile mark. Some are getting a new tire, most are not. Characteristics of the bad early D407F front tires are vibration, whinning and extremelly unusual wear in the center of the tire. This tire has a hard rubber compound in the center and a softer compound toward the outside. By reversing the tread pattern on this dual compound tire, the belief is that it will wear better than the earlier D407F front tire did. MOCO calls it a running change. I call it getting the pickle!