09 FXRG Middleweight Jacket

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    I'm looking into getting a new leather to replace my old worn out biker leather. I was looking at the new 09 FXRG Middleweight.
    H-D wants 650.00 for the leather. Just wanted to know if its worth it.
    I tried a medium on in the store and it seemed to fit very well with all the "linings" in the jacket. Arms seemed a little long, but for riding purposes with your arms out on the bars, it seems practical. I've noticed some prices reduced on some online vendors. Would it be better to purchase this item from a HD dealer or online vendor?

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    Have you checked the tags to see where the jacket was made,North America ,or oversea's? That would make a difference to me.
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    I'll check it out, thanks.
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    +1 for Fox Creek.

    I have ordered stuff from them a couple of times already,
    very happy with them
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    Fox Creek is good stuff also as said check clearance

    though Smitty don't like it check ebay where a lot of Harley dealers are they will clear out their old stuff for less than half price
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    I usually just go to the local dealer to try it on, get a size and then go to either chicago harley davidson , or new roc harley davidson and order from them. They beat my local HD by $100 on the previous FXRG, and i needed the tall version for my long ape (EDIT) arms. Good luck

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    Agree, I went to Fox Creek for all my leather stuff. Made in USA and great service. If you have to have Harley on it, buy some patches & have them sewn on your much better American made jacket.
  8. Porter

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    I got the FXRG bibs and jacket 2 years ago.

    I have been very happy with this product. I commute 100 miles per day for work, and if there is no ice/snow, I will ride.

    The jacket (even with the liner out and all the vents open) is too warm for me in the MD summer. Below 70*F and I am fine.

    I have had no problems with snaps, stitching or zippers after about 18 months of almost daily use. (In the summer months I switch to cooler gear)

    They were expensive and I guess I could have found something else but I am 6'4" and 225 and it was important for me to be able to try things on before I purchased them for a good fit.

    I did try on some leather bibs and a jacket at a motorcycle show last year from a place called "Stone Lake Leather Works". Their stuff has a more nostalgic look to it but it was made extremely well in my opinion. If/when these leathers wear out and if Stone Lake is still around, I would seriously think about getting fitted for their products. I haven't seen many reviews on performance but I am still looking.
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    I have the FXRG (medium) and I'll tell you this:
    - I paid way too much for it
    - I've used on >100Km stretches under rain twice: under heavy rain, and under stormy bursts. Both times I came out completely dry.
    - I've used it in warm / hot weather. I ran out to get a mesh riding jacket for city traffic, the fxrg is too hot. It is very ok if you're riding on the highway with vents open
    - I consider it very comfortable in general, and well thought out.
    - I am looking at buying the overpants that go with it (my north face farmer-johns are starting to seep through, as they're over 10yrs old now)
    I am happy with the styling (almosto no markings) and the engineering. construction's good. I woul've preffered it be produced locally, but there's no option in the HD line now...
    I do think you can find better stuff for your money (non-HD).
    hope this helps.
  10. Darmon

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    We love our FXRG's in the cooler months - they've kept us dry in downpours and I feel safe riding with that jacket on! However, we bought the switchback coats that have zip out panels to expose mesh for the summer months as the FXRG's are just too warm even with the vents open and liner out...the colour may have something to do with that too! Nice clean lines on the coat and fits very well.