09 FLHTCU. No sound from stereo and two rocker switches don't lite

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    09 FLHTCU. I had three electrical problems happen at the same time. The display on the radio works, switches back and forth to the different sources, volume bars change but no sound. I also have two rocker switches that perform their functions but do not light. the spot and the spkr switches. I looked at the service manual but I do not see anything common with them. Any ideas?
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    More info. Is the radio the OEM standard Harman Kardon model? Do you have a separate amplifier on the sound system?

    You have made sure that the speaker switch on the dash is not in the "speaker off" position, right? The light goes off in the middle and speakers off positions (even though the speakers play in middle position), and the spot goes off when the key switch is in the ACC position (all the way clockwise). See pix below.

    I have had the toggle switch lights go out on me before and have had to replace the switch gangs because of it. But the leds in the switches do not affect the switch functions.

    What had you done to the bike just before all this electrical stuff happened? Washed the bike? Road in a heavy rain or left the bike parked in the rain?



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    it is the OEM Harmon Kardon with no amplifier or add ons. The switches are in the proper (down) positions and the key switch in the ignition position. The "spot" switch works it just seems odd that two LEDs went out at the same time and must be connected to the radio sound not being present. also the sound does not come through the audio jacks when in the up and middle positions.
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    Have you checked the passenger switch?