08 Ultra Stg 1 AC & TFI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pipereefer, May 7, 2009.

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    installed tfi & stg ac, notice a big differance in throttle response and sounds better even with the stock exhaust, I may leave the exhaust alone for a while.settings pretty much as recommended and seem to be getting 40 mpg. Just a note regarding "lifting the tank for access", no go on an ultra. IMO best to ride the bike to use up the fuel to lighten the tank, and remove the tank,run the wires in the wire trough. 7/8 crows foot and 1/2 " breaker bar and the o2 sensors broke free easily. 18mm plugs and neversieze , 3/4 socket (front) and 3/4 crowsfoot (rear)-bagged the o2 sensors to save. also found the 08's stg 1 ac take a K&N# hd-0818 for the new 50mm throttle, not the hd-0800. Thanks for everyones input on this forum.
    2008 ultra mobile 1 v-twin,spectro 6-spd, form+ primary,tfi,stg1 ac:yes
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    when i installed the tfi on mine i found the same thing easier to remove the tank