08 Ultra Classic Crash Estimate

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  1. Vibratinharley

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    I picked up bike from HD dealer the other day as the crash damage to bike is all cosmetics and will have to wait for painted parts from harley. ( this is accident damage from rear tire blow out and crash) I paid for rear tire and labor which was $291.00 and had to pay $100. more for estimate that was done and was told this would be reimbursed when bike was brought in to their shop for the repairs. Is this normal? I know I have never paid for an estimate in regards to my personal cages. Maybe I am being a little anal but I find this to be a form of extortion. If I take bike elsewhere to get fixed or I fix it myself ( which will save me lots in labor), I will lose this $100. . This annoys me as I just gave them $26,000. when I bought this bike in November. Do they really need this $100 that bad?:bigsmiley19:
  2. Joyflyin

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    I agree that a $100 estimate sounds like a rip off. I don't know the standard operating procedure, but I would think they should treat you better than that after the $$ you have spent. If it were me, I would almost let them have the $100, but that would be the last $100 they make off me so they had better enjoy it. I've done it before over less. Best of luck to you. You feeling better physically yet?
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    That's their way of getting you to bring it back to have then do the job. Is it fair???? Well not that I agree with it but what if everyone took the bike in for an estimate and took the dealers time to look it over to write an estimate,then fixed it themselves. They would loose a lot of time which to them is $$$.
    Is it fair to do this to a customer that bought their bike there? Not in my opinion if you bought the bike there. It just tells you a bit about the caliber of the dealer IMO. I would mention it to the owner and tell him/her that you are a bit displeased with this practice.
  4. Vibratinharley

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    I guess maybe bikes are different than estimating cars. LOL... I am thinking the medicine is making me weird.
    Oh and thanks, I am definately feeling better and actually took my 90 FL out Sunday for a 125 mile ride out in the country where the roads treat you nice. It felt good to be out. Still a little sore but it will go away I hope...

    Ride Safe
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    Thanks Glider, :hiiand thats what I think. If I didn't buy the bike there and didn't spend $4200. on 1990 FL when it was in accident, I could understand them wanting to charge for their labor but a repeat customer who trusts them with their bike, should be trusted back the same way. This definately makes me not want to go back but I will talk to Owner and see.
  6. Fourdogs

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    Glad you doing better...I called my dealer..and they said their est. would be free. So not all dealers charge you. I ask if I had bought it else where what would they charge for a estimate...He thought I was kidding. He said you don't get customers work by charging them for estimates...theres never a charge. Of course we Missouri folks are always accused of living in the 19th Century...lol.
  7. kemo

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    My dealer wrote the estimate up for free and ordered the parts. When the insurance cheque came in I signed it over to the dealer. All damage was cosmetic. He asked me if I was going to change the parts myself and I said no problem. He then cut me a check for $800. which was the labour portion of the quote.
  8. wildspirit97

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    Talk to the insurance company, they should pay for the estimate at the dealer. on cars they have adjusters that do the estimate but on bike they let the dealer do it. When I had it done the insurance company said they would pay the bill.
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    If this is the way this dealership treats their very best customers, (and I would consider you such) I can only guess how the everyday Joe Smoe gets treated. I would NOT be very happy if I were you!:nosad
  10. Jcannon

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    sorry to hear about your estimate woes and am glad you are feeling better and back on a bike... what part of pa are you from ?