08 roadie bad 1st service?


Just had the first service done on my 08 Road King and since then it seems to ping a little on take off from idle. Also the pipes have blackened since the service. Never having a motor do this b4 does anyone have any suggestions why this could be. I use the 98 oct fuel as suggested by the shop but just dont seem right since the 1st service. Is it something I should refer back to the shop? Any help is appreciated as all i can come up with is its running too rich therefore not a good service.
There shouldn't have been anything done to the bike that would cause a ping in a service. The timing and fuel mixture is handled by the map in the ECM which isn't touched doing a service.
You may ask them if they upgraded or changed the map in the ECM (download) and if you aren't happy with what is in there now, have them reinstall the original map.
Quite often they will download a new map if there had been some problems with the factory map as part of the service.

On the 07 bikes they did this with a 0903 map number that removed timing from the map.
Thanx 4 the reply g;lide...do u think it could b cause when it was serviced i had the 98oct fuel in the tank and since then i filled up with the next 1 down here in OZ which is 95 ???
Not being familiar with your fuel grades, I would say that it is a good possibility. We have 93 as the highest here and it eliminates pinging for us. Go back to the 98 and see what happens.
Thanx mate... i will give that a go. We r goin for a ride to the blue mtns 2morrow so that will be a great tell...i will fill up with the 98 and see how it goes,lots of hills and bends(I so need 2 change my ride style as i scrape the stand on left bends) but its a few hundred KMs so will let u know the verdict 2morrow night.