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    I have stock 08 RG and just recieved my power commander. I am getting ready to install. Here is my question: I also bought the stage 1 Air cleaner. The stock map for PC is for stock bike (stock air cleaner and exhaust). I dont have slip ons yet (will buy as soon as I can afford them). I called PC to see if I should install stage 1 and PC even though map isnt available for PC for stage 1 air cleaner and stock mufflers. SO..... should I not put stage 1 ac on yet and wait til i get some slip ons or can i install both the PC and stage 1? Will this be harmfull in any way to the bike. The folks at PC said i can install both, use stock map and it will be fine. I just wont get the full benefit of high flow filter until I get some high flow slip ons. I know running PC is beneficial even if totally stock, but if i add stage 1 with stock mufflers, will i be risking anything? Thanks in advance for any and all help
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    I would install the PC with the stock map and wait until you get the slip ons and install them with the stage 1 and change the map then.

    Installing the PC and the stage 1 with the stock map will have you running lean.
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    Thats what I was thinkng. I will just install PC for now, then when I get slip ons I will remap PC and install stage 1 air cleaner

    installed PC with stock air. Seems to run well. I was not aware that it came with 02 sensor plugs. NICE
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    As you operate your closed-loop H-D its ECM keeps track of what's needed for fuel trims in some several places throughout the assigned closed-loop range. This is basically used as a means of dynamically "tuning" your EFI to your particular bike and fuel, and the data is not tossed away at power-down (not even at "battery-disconnected"). It can be reset at will to all 100% factors with the Digital Technician and at least the TTS tuner. The TTS is like the SERT which always resets them when a map is written to the ECM. I suppose there are at least a couple other comparable tuners which do that as well.

    Whenever you disconnect the O2 sensors and attach a dummy "load" in their stead, you will be effectively "locking-in" all those fuel trim values at their present state.

    This is either okay, or not, if you're just going to use a "canned map".

    We should assume that the source of the canned map had reset the "AVF"s to 100% on the bike prior to generating the map, and that you'd be best off to do that, too, on yours, before using the map (relying on just it for your "final" tune).

    Where I'm going with all this is a couple of places.

    First would be an example where the bike the map was generated on had been generally pulling a few percent fuel prior to its upgraded fuel control, and its AFVs had not been reset. Now the tuner adds fuel here and there and all's good.

    Then you stick the map on your bike which'd happened to be adding fuel before the controller installation. Now there's a good chance you're richer out the pipe than the tuner was on the other bike. Maybe across the board. Maybe both richer and leaner than optimal.

    The second example I have in mind is where you've locked-in your AFVs which are the result of different mufflers, exhaust, and/or intake. Different as in "from your EFI programming". Either because you've changed parts but not your stock mapping (hey, AIM says it's okay!), or you've got an H-D "stage 1 download" but not the parts it was made for.

    To this second possibility, I can tell you from experience that just slipping 2" Rush mufflers onto the previous Touring exhaust system and establishing a comprehensive set of AFVs will result in markedly-less-than-optimal "tuner"/"canned map" use. It did not "come around" until I'd put all the stock bits back on and spent a morning running through a tank of fuel, then swapped-back all the parts again. It never was anything I'd call "great".

    What I like best about the whole experience is that it spurred me to further study.

    I eventually cleaned the whole mess up by going a different route.

    I guess I'm trying to just give a word to the wise. Maybe spur some discussion.