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My brother just picked up his 08 fatboy yesterday. It's got a few changes that I noticed. first thing I saw is it has a fuel range read out on the odometer. It's supposed to tell you how many miles you have left before your empty. Then just for the heck of it I pulled up the code setting and it has an extra letter (b), I assume that's for the antilock brake system on some models. His doesn't have them cause when I checked it said no rsp. He also told me that the dealer told him that they did away with the cam chain tensioner and replaced it with some kind of hydraulic tensioner??????:dknow not sure on that one, maybe someone else has some input about it.:D
They finally did away with the old troublesome system, they did it in 07 on those models. It's a hydrallic system driven by oil pressure.

Here's the new units.


as opposed to the old style spring tensioner.

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I'm not talking about a b motor, on the code display on the odometer it dispays p,sp,s,tc,b instead on p,sp,s,tc
Wonder how good the fuel range gauge is on that scoot.

My experience with them (on cars/trucks) is not good.
They are very inaccurate.
Have my o8 here in the shop, I will take a look. I never payed attention to it, still trying to change the time back 1 hour on the clock!
Not sure i will trust the miles to empty, found out the hard way it was wrong on my Dodge!:no:dknow