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    I bought an 08 Heritage in march and was finaly able to install the V&H Bigshot longs last week and the K&N breather. I trailed it from my house in Apopka Fl to Docs Performance tune in Mineola on Saturday. Very pleased with it now. Starts easier, mid range torque is way better, ie shift at lower rpms and no load. acceleration is very good etc. No decel popping as it was before etc. Still think my sportser will spank it though. (sporty hs supertuner with terrible HD dyno tune but it does accelerate very quick, it has trouble with low and mid range tune still)

    We Doc is everthing his reputation states. Small but very neat and clean shop, He knows his stuff etc. Delivered on time and I dont have to worry about stuff falling off such as when you bring it to the dealer. Doc sits with you and goes over all the numbers and tries to talk in a manner that I can understand though some of it is a little confusing. He describes SAE v other dyno numbers and goes into explanation of each cell and adjustments. Gives you a flash drive with stock tune in it and His tune plus of course the TTS tuner. Instructs you to keep tuner and drive with bike so if you have to take to HD for service they can access tuner etc. (never plan on using HD but who knows)
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