08 dies at 8000'

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Block Head 96, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I was climbing up in altitude toward the summit of the local Volcano, cruising between 20-25 mph in second gear about 2500 RPM, speed limit in park in that area is 25 MPH. Outside temp, maybe 72*, so the weather was nice. I come around a turn to go into the next turn, she acts like she ran out of gas, sputtered, farted and died! I had at least 1/4 tank of fuel and I did not hit the Run/Off switch. No CEL, no nothing. Odd thing is, when I press the Run switch in the run position, the fuel pump would run. Only did that a few times then stopped. Let it set a couple minutes, she fired right off. Odddddd!

    Any ideas as to what's up?? I don't know how to check for codes.
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    Here's how you check for codes. It's all in the self help forum, take a cruise through there sometime with the link below this post.

    04-07 HD DTC Codes and Activation - Harley Davidson Community

    The fuel pump will only pressure up if the pressure in the fuel system is low. Being you were going uphill, there's a possibility of some water in the tank. Try running some dry gas in the tank.
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    Phew!!!. I am relived to hear that your engine is not blown. From the title it, sounded like your engine blew at 8K. :newsmile070: