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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hobo55, Aug 18, 2008.

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    OK guys help me out.
    The newest I've ever ridden is my 85 FLHTC so I need some input. I have a chance at a 07 FLHTCU with 13,000 miles on it and know for sure it was well maintained. Or a 03 FLHTCU with 8K and seems to be well taken care of. Anyone with some good or bad on either will be greatly appreciated. Good year - Bad year, motor, accseories or just plain ol' oppinion.
    Thanks Hobo

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    At 13000 miles the 07 probably has a second set of tires. Do they look new. Are the tires on the 03 new? They may be over 5 years old. Not that that will be the deciding factor, just something to think about.
    I have an 07 Road King and I love the bigger engine-96 vs 88 ci. That is a lot of bike to get down the road, especially two up with luggage. I am trying to steer you to the newer bike. That really isn't a lot of miles on a well maintained HD. You can accessorize them both to your wallets/hearts content. Hope this helps a bit.
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    Neither one of these bikes have "high" mileage, not that mileage alone is a guarantee of anything as you will read on these forums. My '03 had over 30K on it when I bought. Lots to do mechanically, and some cosmetics too.

    First things first. Is the '07 a 6-speed tranny? I assume the '03 is a 5-speed. Any preference?

    Look at the bikes very carefully trying to spot the symptoms of boo boos or things fixin to happen (seam of seat opening, etc.). See if you can get the maintenance records - if dealer maintained, they should be able to print out. If the bike has been rider maintained, ask them what they used in the engine, tranny, and primary, and how often they did things. Depending on what they say, see the appropriate section of the other forums dealing with these fluids.

    Obviously, ride the bikes along a deserted quiet road and LISTEN. Hear anything "strange"?

    Check on "up-grades" or "modifications" that were done by the rider. Do those "look" right?

    Then the obvious - is there any indication of fluid leaks? Do the brakes squeal? Any vibrations at highway speeds? Is the shifting smooth and "quiet", or do you get a loud "clunk" at each shift? All the gauges and lights work? Sound systems work on every feature?

    Then if apples and apples, which color scheme do you like better?

    Good luck

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    All good points brought up here, IMO I would get the 03, it has a better engine and trans than the 07. The 07 is a great bike but the 03 has less issues and they were smaller when they did occur.
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    I have an 07 RKC and I agree with Glider on this one . If it were me I would get the 03...Less engine noise, better primary set up ..no need for an IDS even the 6 speed when you are crusing in town isn't as freindly as the 5 speed. The 6 speed shines on the open road but can be a pain in town. If you want the bigger engine then you can get a big bore kit. My buddy has an 05 with the big bore kit and his makes more torque down low.
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    Hey guys thanks for the input. The 03 has been serviced at the dealership whith normal fluids and has 17k and a second set of tires and some chrome dodads. The 07 has a stage 1 with reinhart true duals and will get a new rear tire and fluid (synthetic all around) change and brake inspection at dealer before purchase.The 07 does have a 6 speed. I'm just worried about new tech I guess as my 66 FLH has 120k and my 85FLHT has 90k,but I could work on these with most tools homemade or from Sears. The 07 is a better deal according to the market prices, but just wanted to see if there is anything BAD going on with the motors , drive or any unwanted gremlins.
    Thanks again
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    I just picked up an 03 a week 1 1/2 weeks ago and am happy I did. I may be strange but I actually preferred the feel over the 08 or 09. The wife did too. She thuoght the 09 vibrated her foot right off the floorboard. This was at a demo ride.

    8500 miles on the 03 anniversary ultra and it is a bunch-o-fun.