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07 ultra turn signal duration


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Is there any adjustment for turn signal duration? Mine stay on for almost 30 seconds after lane change or cornering. H/D shop says they've never had this issue before. My 97 electra glide duration are just the opposite. They may go 6 to 8 seconds and may shut off before I get around the corner or out of my lane sometimes.Thanks for any input.
hmmmm, doesn't sound right. Mine goes off fairly quickly on my 07 Ultra. Do you have the security system installed on your bike?
I have a 95 Ultra wih the same issue....Goes for 30 seconds and shuts off just before making a turn. Very frustrating.

The manual says to hold the signal indicator longer and it will flash indefinately...I tried that and no luck.

I held both left and right signal indicators at the same time for 1.5 seconds and get 4 way flashers. Just like the book says.

So why can't I get the left or right signal to flash longer ..

Maybe some one has an answere.