07 ultra radio/intercom??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BUZZ07, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Probably a stupid question...recently bought a used 07 ultra and just picked up the rider/passenger headset kits. The cb/intercom works fine but can the radio be redirected thru the headsets as well?
  2. Doug_09ultra

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    Well they work on the 09 ultra so I'd guess they will on the 07 as well. Youu just have to turn off the speaker switch on the dash. And no, it isn't a stupid question.
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    Try the speaker switch without the helmet on. I got my ears BLASTED when I hit the switch by mistake. hahaha
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    If it's the standard radio it should. It does on my '07 Ultra.
    And a welcome to the forum.
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    To answer your question, yes. To quote the owners manual (pg 93)


    SPKR Switch

    A three position speaker (SPKR) switch is located on the inner fairing cap of the FLHTCU and FLTR. (See Figure 30)

    The SPKR switch found on the FLTR is inoperable.

    Off/Forward: In the forward position, the speakers are off. Audio (radio, CD/MP3, Aux and CB) is played in the headsets only. During simultaneous CB reception, the other audio source is muted and only the CB is heard in the headsets.

    Center: In the center position, the radio, CD/MP3 player or AUX is played over the speakers while the CB is played only in the headsets.

    On/Rearward: In the rearward position, the speakers are on. With the SPKR indicator lit, the radio, CD/MP3 player or any AUX device and the CB are played through both the rider and passenger speakers. When a CB signal is received, other audio sources mute and the CB is played over the speakers. Refer to Table 24.

    The intercom is only heard in the headsets regardless of the SPKR switch position.

    One thing that you may want to check is that the squelch on the CB is adjusted because if you have the CB active (COM button on the radio selects it to turn it on or off) and the squelch is broke, it will mute all other devices.

    I seldom ride with the CB on except in group rides when the Ride Captain and Tail Gunner have theirs on or if I want to communicate with another rider on a CB equipped bike in the group.

    Also, keep in mind that in order to adjust the volume on any mode, that mode must be first selected.

    That audio system is a really nice unit but is compliicated at first to learn how to use. Once you learn it and all the various "switchology" it really rocks! I also have the Bluetooth module in my tourpack so if I get a call on my paired cell phone, it mutes the stereo and I can answer the call by pressing "Accept" on the radio buttons. There is a whole seperate owners manual for the bluetooth module which I had the dealer get for me. (PN 76409-06).