07 Streetbob primary noise HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DustyMe, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Had a real small oil leak from the primary oil seal, so while I had it apart, went ahead and pressed out the bearing, pressed in a new one. I should say here that I had developed a "whining/chirping" type sound a couple of days prior. Put it all back together (by the book) and PRESTO!!!! The sound is still there, Bummer! The noise goes away when I pull the clutch in and pop it in to first gear. Can't speak to the fact if the sound is there on the road due to pipes and wind noise. Can anyone give me a solid lead on this?? I know it only takes time and money to fix it, but hey, it's time and money!
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    It could be that the auto tensioner has the chain to tight. But that doesn't explain why it goes away when pulling the clutch in. I would bet the noise is still there when riding. The auto tensioner has been a problem and I believe 07 was when the auto tensioner went on all bikes.
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    Sounds like the chain is too tight
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    Did replacing the bearing and seal stop the leak? "noise goes away when I pull the clutch in" indicates inner primary bearing (IPB) race is bad. I am thinking you need to pull the primary again and replace the IPB race. As the previous poster has pointed out, the auto chain adjuster can "over adjust" the chain making it too tight which puts an eccentric load on the IPB and IPB race causing bearing failure and race damage.

    There was a running change to the main shaft diameter in '07. Measure the OD of the main shaft and if it is the same as '06 and earlier, you can install the S&S race which is a better piece of hardware. If the OD is the same as '08 and later, you will have to use the OEM IPB race and some green Loctite to prevent it from walking in to the main shaft/5th gear seal. Take a pic of the main shaft and IPB race when you open it up again and post it.

    Be careful pulling and installing the inner primary and tape up the main shaft splines as they can damage the IPB seal if contact is made.
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