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    Okay, I have a question for those who have any knowledge on this matter. Please don't chime in in less you know something. I have an 07 Street Glide and as seen on other forums the opinion of the seat is it is not a comfortable seat. Well I agree the seat just sucks. I am a short person I have already lowered the bike in the rear two inches but that was to much because the fender was bottoming out so I raised it one inch which mean it was lowered in the back by one inch. It helped but I am still on the balls of my feet. I plan on lowering the front when I get chrome lowers but that is a while away in time because of cost. So since I need a more comfortable seat for myself and my lovely wife does anyone have any suggestion for a seat that will lower me as the driver with back support and give myself and passenger a more comfortable ride? On my 95 Fat Boy I have a Mustang seat and it is very comfortable but I need some a little more here because of the lowering in the front.
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    You can have lower or more comfortable. Padding makes comfort. I have low seats and comfortable seats, but no low, comfortable seats.
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    I'll check them out. I've read others praising custom seats.
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    What seat do you have now? Have you looked at HD reduced reach seats?
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    I went with the Danny Gray Airhawk, great seat best long rides now..
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    Why not look into thick soled boots like logger boots. 3" heels and 2" soles. Or
    talk to your local shoe repair store and he maybe able to resole and heel the boots you already have and spend around $100. Then you would be off the balls of your feet......
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    Go to a dealer and see what they have to test out. Tell them what you need, see if they have a test seat to give it a try.
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    I want to thank everybody who gave advise. I found the problem, apparently when I was working on my flame throwers and started the bike a relay fell and got down between the shifter lever on the tranny and the engine. It prevented me from down shifting all the way. I did go and replaced all the fluids in the engine, tranny and primary. Glad I did found the tranny was low only half way full. Bike runs much better now. Very smooth.