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07 Sporty with 500 miles on Rush Slipons

I now have 500 miles on the 1.75 Rush slipons on my stock 07 883L. There is alot written about if you can put just slipons on a 07 or 08 Sporty and have leanout problems. I have not had the first pop on accel or deccel with the 1.75's. Last Saturday I took a 103 mile ride mostly in 5th gear and got 58.6 mpg. The bike runs better with the Rush's. The plugs are a lite brown with the Rush's where they were a little gray with the stock mufflers. The fun factor has gone up a thousand percent with the 1.75's. The Sporty sounds like a Harley now. So anyone out there with a new Sporty that has been kicking around the idea that they would like their bike to sound like a Harley should, give the Rush's up to a 2.0 a try. Rush and my local stealership here in Mobile, Al said you can use the 1.5-2.0's without the bike leaning out.Just don't change the air cleaner to something less restrictive! Hope this helps someone out there. I know I have read and kicked this around since last June when I bought the 07. Thanks, safe riding.