07 Road king..Good Deal or not?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by rkc1, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. rkc1

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    I'm new to the forums and have a question. I am looking at a 2007 Road king Classic with 8500 miles. It's very clean, stage 1, true dual, V&H pipes, chrome passenger boards, control buttons, HD boards, brake and shift chrome, oil cooler and a few other things. It's a consignment at a dealer and the lowest they'll go is 16K which is the limit on my $. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion as to whether this is a good deal or should I let it pass?
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    KBB which is used only as a guide is as follows. Depending on the condition and extras which shouldn't alter the price being the dealer probably didn't pay for them anyhow (they usually only pay wholesale prices to take a bike in usually with no extra for options) , it's not a bad price but don't be afraid to haggle and offer them $15500 and work from there. If they don't work with you on the price ask for an extended warranty or some goodies for the bike included in the deal.
    When they tell you it's the lowest they will go, tell then you are really interested in the bike but they have to do better on the price to make it happen. If they refuse, start to walk out. if they don't stop you. Leave, you can always return and look at other bikes until they decide to work with you. There's room for them to move on their commission and also room on the consignee for movement too on price if they want to sell the bike.
    Dealers have to make money to pay wages and if they don't sell they make nothing. They have to understand that you are serious and not just shopping.

    March 27, 2009

    • 2-Cylinders
    • 4-Stroke
    • 1584cc

    Suggested Retail Value $16305
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    Depends where your at around here it would be a decent enough price
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    Craig's list is your friend. Use it for price comparisons. Keep in mind that the current posted listings have yet to sell, so they may be above market pricing.

    The doofus factor can be high on Craiglist.org, especially with HDs. A whole lotta "But I paid XXX and I owe XXX-$100."

    Happy Hunting!
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    I got my best deal on a consignment CVO 2005 V-Rod at the dealer by offering cash. The price dropped by $2K. Cash speaks volumes if you have that option.
    8500 miles is just nicely broken in, probably was over $20K new. Good luck.:7:

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    Try to work up a deal based on $15-16K out the door with full extended warranty and evidence that full 10K service was/will be performed on the bike before you take delivery. They should also offer 25% discount on service and free installation of upgrades you may want to add, and yes cash talks, but as Glider says, be prepared to walk away...
  7. glider

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    I have to go the opposite way here. The dealers make money when they finance something so it's to their advantage to do so as opposed to doing the deal in cash. It use to be that way but now it's turned against the person that has the cash to pay.
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    OK, here's my .02 cents.
    A good deal does not mean the lowest price!
    If you walk away comfortable with what you spent, and you received what you want, IE the bike you want, then you got a good deal!

    Do you like the accesories that are on it? Or, will you be taking some things off and changing them. Sometimes people put alot of money into a bike by adding things the prospecive buyer doesnt like or want.
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    2 weeks ago the wife bought an 08 streetglide with 2000 miles, Rienharts,tuner and a big sucker for $16400 out the door.It also carrys the remaining 14 months of factory warrenty with option to extend.Sounds to me like theyre asking all the money for that RK.Perhaps a fair deal and if you realy like it then buy it.
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Absolutely true. Dealer was thrilled when I let it be known right up front that I'd be financing the bike through them. I then proceeded to pay it off when the first payment coupon showed up.