07 recall on positive bat cable and ?..help

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    where can i see the recall on her 2007 softail ? is the recall notice only on 2007 softail model?

    I was going to run a gal down to Destination HD in fife/tac washington to pick-up her bike... Shop had picked up her DOWN bike several days ago for a 10K and to FIX the breakdown in electical system .. nothing was said THEN by the service dept about a electrical RECALL.....

    TODAY when going to pic up bike the Shop said there has been a recall notice out on her bike ... so not ready today as planned.... maybe in a week to 10 days depending on how fast they get repair parts from HD...

    Doesn't it always seem to go like that?!

    how or where can you go to SEE these notices or do you have to depend on HD to notify on each recall....

    When Her bike was DOWN, she described the problem: wiggle wires and it would start... then go DEAD... wiggle wires kick it in the area of the battery and it might come to life again only to go dead...

    I told her MY troubleshooting over the phone saying it sounded like a LOOSE or bad cable on battery(she checked all tight) or in short ? the wire harness.....

    Is this one of the recalls that you are only told about AFTER the problem leaves you stranded along side of road like she was????

    she said she has NOT received anything from HD on this matter (her buying bike new 07).

    maybe give me some BLA BLAW back on this matter and WHO else has had problems with the electrical system on their 2007...
    If you can look to see all harley's recalls????


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    You can always have the dealer do a VIN search on your bike to find outstanding recalls.But harley should be sending you a notice of recall.