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'07 overheating issues


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I have been dealing with this issue for over a year now. I got a '07 heritage classic and put rush 2.25 on it, v/h fuelpak,(yes, a correct dial in code) arlen ness big sucker stage 1 intake, and changed the oil to ams synthetic oil. i'm still running 240 deg. on a 70 deg. day. it's never went into parade mode, nor has it got so hot that it causes scabs on my thighs, but its a air cooled engine hot on my legs...i can deal with that...but what i cant deal with is a melted motor.last year the engine oil temp. got about 300deg. i read a thread once about the slip-ons being bigger than 1.75 wont make backpressure that you need to allow your engine to run properly. and cause you to run hot. the harley shop thought this was incorrect. what is your opinions on this problem? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Wow I pick a great one for my first post.First of all the bike shouldn't be actually overheating with your set up.The engine is designed to keep a lot of heat in the cylinder heads to assist with complete combustion for emissions.The byproduct is uncomfortable heat when sitting still.When you modify the bike it gets worse.Have you dyno tuned the bike?That may cool it a bit if you tune it for 13.2:1-13.5:1 AFR.It's air cooled and will shed a lot of heat to attempt heat moderation.With the factory ECM you have a heat management option available to you.It needs to be "turned on" at a dealer using the Digital Technician.It's a free option once to turn it on and once to turn if off if you don't like it.What it does is using the cylinder head temperature sensor to turn fuel off to the rear cylinder when not moving.As soon as it "sees" it's moving it'll turn it back on.This only works in extreme heat situations.
With regard to the pipe outlet diameter I install Rineharts all the time.And that's a big hole.I see a few bikes with high mileage (50K and up) that have a similar set up and I haven't seen a failure from engine overheating.Between the engine design and the thickness of the TC cases it will hold a great deal of heat.It's uncomfortable.But not as bad for the engine as you'd believe.You oughta sit on one for an afternoon of map writing.Hope this helps you out.
yeah i was exagerating when i said engine melt...i just didnt want any harm to the cylinder heads or rings and i also put on the nightrider o2 sensor upgrade on each cylinder and still nothing. i have an appointment thurs. morn. for dyno. i have to take off the nightrider o2 sensors before i take it...they said it will void my warrenty if i leave it on.
Keep us posted on the results.I'd really like to see curve with the O2 mod installed.That's pretty lame they'd void the warranty.Where do you live?
Void warenty is just Dealer nonsense for not using genuine harley parts bought and put on by them... They can leagaly refuse to work on the altered area of the machine but cannot "void" a warrenty unless they can prove that the alteration caused the failure. Don't let them lie to you and if your dealer uses those type of scare tactics I'd find a new dealer that's more reputable then go back and tell them they lost your business and why. oh and be sure to mention that you'll be telling every harley owner you meet about them also :D. even if you don't it will ruin thier day....
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Bottom line here with the dealer is they will get away with what ever we let them get away with. Like mentioned, find a better dealer and let him know why you don't do business there anymore.

I have mentioned this before but the local dealer told me that when I changed to synthetics, that it "could" void my warranty. We had a rather lengthy conversation :D and that service manager no longer works there. Seems that he liked to tell stories to the customers.
Harley now allocates bikes buy the service work they do.It used to be who sold the bike.Now it's who services the bike.If you buy at dealer a for the price but dealer b does your service work b gets the new bike allocation.Oh and it's Harley's call on what gets warrantied and what doesn't.Let the general manager know why you're moving to another shop.Bet he tries to keep you.