07 Night Train V&H Fuelpak not fitting under seat, Help!

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by NYHarley, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. NYHarley

    NYHarley Active Member

    Just got my Fuelpak today, just tried to tuck it under the seat as stated in the instructions, and when I jam the seat back on feels like in sitting on a golf ball. I liked my pc3 cause it fit behind the splash shield, too bad it went bad on me. Anybody have a remedy for tucking away the Fuelpak? I only had a few minutes to mess with it, didn't look like I had many options.....
  2. subzerori

    subzerori New Member

    I had the same problem. if you call v&h they will email you a picture. I called them and they sent me a photo of the one they did on a bike. within 5 minutes from the time I called i had my seat on and sitting right. Mine on the fxstc sits right on top of the battery terminal by the frame rail on the right side.
  3. Rhys

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    I have a 07 softail custom and the V&H fuelpac is shown in the pics sitting on top of the computer at the rear fender, and it held the back of my seat off the frame. I looked and the fuse box that rest bebind the battery has a part of it that is elevated up to the same hight as the fuelpaks thickness, so I postioned the fuel pack next to it so it sits flush with the top of the fuse box. You just need to make shure your not pinching wires. And that its not on the battery where the rubber mount for the seat sits. I know these bikes differ a bit from each other but this has worked for me and my seat mo longer wobbles from side to side. Let me know if this helps, I will try to find my camera and upload a photo for you. That might take me a little bit, this computer sometimes gets the best of me:newsmile011: