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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by NYHarley, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I am going to be customizing my 07 Night Train a bit this winter, and I was wondering if any of you members with Night Trains would post some pics of your customized bikes. I am going to be replacing the fenders, as well as the wheels. Fenders, I can pretty much make whatever I want (work for a motorcycle fender mfg), but I need to see a look that I like and go from there. Thanks!

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    Can't REALLY help you specifically, but I CAN tell you that, in my past experiences, I have found it useful to get a plain jane pic of the side of the vehicle (I did hot rods and customs for YEARS!) no background, no NICE angles...as plain as possible! Once you get a good one, have it photocopied in a good scale (the larger the better) in black and white tones. Print a dozen or more, then start sketching, transferring ideas from catalogs, magazines and dreams... then........ put them away for a month or two. When you take them out, your mind will be much more objective. It takes time to be a GEE-nius! Most of all, just enjoy the experience of owning, riding, and customizing YOUR ride! (SAFELY! we want you around a while!)

    If it works, I'm glad! If not, I'm sorry! But at least I tried!
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    Do a search forum at the top of the page for "lets see those softails"