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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Thomas_2007FLSTC, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I have a 07 Heritage with close to 42k miles. It is stock except for Rush mufflers with 1.75" baffles and SEST. My tuning is close to stock except for the absence of deccel enleanment and slightly richer mix throughout. I run Amsoil in all 3. My engine runs much cooler than it did the first 3 years.

    Lately I have noticed a loud tapping noise when I am rapidly backing off of the throttle. It only happens when the engine is well warmed up and I have been riding at extended high speed, around 55 or so. When I pull in the clutch and release the throttle to shift I hear it. I can pull in the clutch and rev the engine and the noise appears when releasing the throttle rapidly. It also happens if I am up to 65 and just release the throttle with the clutch engaged.
    It sounds like four or five loud taps as engine rpm DECREASES coming from the top of the engine, possibly the front. The dealer thought it was the cam chain tensioners so they changed inner and outer. (~800 bones!). The noise was gone for a while and I thought that they had it but it started coming back around 500 miles later. Put an oil gauge on and my oil pressure stays up around 40 at highway speeds and never lower than 12 at idle.
    After I have been riding in town or close to home at lower speeds it goes away. I can't reproduce it in my garage by revving up and releasing the throttle.
    Any ideas?
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    Someone will surely jump in and give you some advice, but until then Welcome to the forum.
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    Is this an exhaust leak? Or heat shields loose

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Primary Chain? Lifters? Compensator?

    I'm surprised that noise went away for even a short time...

    I really can't help you out but GUESS:newsmile105:

    WHY the tensioners,,,,, DID they show you the old ones? Were they worn out?

    These are the new style and I doubt IF i'll need to replace mine before the motor is at a 80/100,000 miles.

    Man, I would of really heard a Big noise from ME if I paid out 800 $$ and didn't do any modifications to the cams while in there.. especially doing a recommended repair from a HD Shop

    Just My Way

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    Take this for what it's worth to you because I have no solid answer as to why this happened but just my personel experiance. I had run Amsoil for years and I started getting preignition at 65/70 mph holding a constant speed, as soon as I'd crank it open or back off, either one, the noise would go away. I chased everything I could think of and as a last resort I dropped the Amsoil and put in Mobil 1 and haven't had a ping since. My bike has never used enough oil between 5000 mile oil changes to even think about adding any, so my thinking is that for some reason the Amsoil is for some reason alloying for some carbon buildup. JMHO