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07 FXSTC Driver Backrest & Stock seat Question


I just bought an 07 Softail Custom, it has the stock seat that has the slot for a driver backrest....however my dealer says HD do'esnt make one for the 2007 model yet.
Does anyone know if ones for other models will work?
I would imagine that it would have to be the part number for that seat to fit correctly.Other manufacturers would probably not fit because of a different config on the seat base.

Just a suggestion, call another dealer, some parts guys are too lazy to look things up and a call will give you the needed info from another dealer.

At least see if they can furnish you with a part number if available and it can be located then.
How'd you do that? Thats fast information!
I called them and they dont have it in stock, said it would take a week to get it into their place, prolly another week to get to me.
Thanks for your assistance Glider!
The difficult I can do immediately, the impossible takes a bit longer!:D

Glad i could help you out.

It arrived today.....It wont work.
There must be some mount that will mount under the seat in the cavity for it to fit into. Any more ideas??


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Best bet is to call the dealer and ask them if there is any other brackets that are necessary to mount it. Unfortunately I don't have every detail for every part at hand to help out with but can locate most things , just wish I did :D
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Is it a possibility that it gets fastened into the base pan of the seat with self tapping screws?
Nope it doesnt fit far enough thru the seat to mount on the fender. I even took it apart and got it to fit thru the seat in every possible way.
There would have to be a mount similar to the ones for other HD backrests.
I believe this is a backrest for the Signature series seat by HD.
I reckon I'll just have to fab my own, I have some Ideas, its just going to take some time.
I spent a couple days working on a prototype mount and the made one that I'm happy with.....pic coming soon....
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