07 FXD Super Glide Dyno

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  1. Slipstrm

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    Dyno'ed 04-25-09 (No Tuning)
    07 Super Glide
    Big Radius with Standard baffles
    AN Big Sucker
    Stock ECM calibration and Engine
    V&H Fuelpak

    Blue is using FP-0597 settings (recommended settings for above listed equipment)
    Very minor popping on decel
    Red is using FP-1352 settings (recommended settings for Stage1 1584 Legal ECM Calibration and No Baffles)(No popping, better power, runs smoother & cooler, better mileage)

    Settings between the two FP profiles are radically different, I'm surprised they are so alike in terms of TQ and HP.

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    Thanks for posting your numbers. Im glad you got rid of the popping on decel. I tried and tried and couldnt solve that problem on my bike. Finally I switched fuel mgmt systems to solve the problem.