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07 FLSTC Lock-up


Has anyone here had any experience or heard of anyone having
an 07 model 6-speed locking up at any speed or gear?
I actually know of a 07 FLHTCU that had trans lock-up about 22 miles from the dealership. NO OIL IN THE TRANS!!

That'll do it for sure:D

I've heard of a few that had no gear lube after a dealer service too and the engine oil was over full, hmmmmmm.
Parts washing kid strikes again :no

Just a word to check things out after a service, they do make mistakes :devil
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I know a guy who's drain plug fell off riding home from the HD stealer afters a service. His wife behind him noticed it and stopped him. Since, I do my jumpmaster pre flight checks!!:s

Big Lou
My rear wheel locked up immediately after downshifting and
going into a corner. It was like shifting down one gear releasing the clutch and instead of the usual engine speed reduction from the downshift, the rear wheel locked and nothing I could do to
maintain control of the bike.

Sure would appreciate any info from y'all on similar problems.