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    I have a 07 fat boy, my stator went out, and what a chore, i toured 39000 miles alone down south the last 2 years, thinking its not common for the stator to go out, should i also replace the rotor, it looks great, but the book is wrong about not having to pull the inside prime cover at least pull the bolts and loosen it so you can pull the rotor off the stator, its a must!! now looking on the side of my starter i found the wire that plugs into the starter from the solenoid is pulled out just a bit, so now i see that i have to pull the starter, witch now is even more work, only way to get it off is pull the batter, pull oil tank, and just so you know i did some research have not used them yet, but instead of buying the $22.00 3/8 oil line puller, wen to sears for $10.00 bought a whole set of 6 for $9.99 plus tax- fo a ---AC/Fuel line disconnect tool set, i'll let u know if it works, but fyi from another form and rider, that it works, ok now to the lose wire, also researched that there could be many reasons my stator burnt out, such as a grounded wire, no burninig around the starter solenoid wire, but dose anyone think that could be the reason my stator burnt out, and why would that wire just pop out of the side like it did, and can i some how reach in there and try to pop it back in or pull it to see if it pulled away from anything in side of the starter, and dose anyone think that could have caused my charging problem, they sure have made it so much work on the new fattys to work on having to pull so much off, but all in all what a great bike, im not a big guy and it was perfect for touring like i did, i sugest all that can, just to take off like i did for 2 1/2 years, no real destanation, but spent some time in yuma and the sarounding states, and mexico, for the winter's, just dont leave in november like i did from montana in 07, wyoming was a cold blast of storms on the bike