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    So I have an 07 883 Sportster which is basically bone stock with the exception that I replaced the Cycle Shack slip ons with some Vance & Hines Straight Shot slip ons. I like the Cycle Shacks and they were on the bike when I bought it, aesthetically they had taken a beating. I have refrained from any A/C changes as I have no device to flash, change or "piggy back" the ECM at all and truthfully didn;t feel like going down that rabbit hole. With the V&H addition though I began looking at all the options out there and with only wanting to do the A/C upgrade left and no desire (at this time) for cams, a 1200 kit, etc. I have narrowed it down to the Dobeck EJK and have spoken with their tech support on a few questions I had.

    I was wondering however what experience anyone has had with the Gen 3 (which is what was recommended to me by Dobeck seeing as I am only planning on the above mods). Has anyone with a Sporty used this product and if so what were your results? How is the long term reliability and operation of the EJK? Has anyone experienced any difficulties over time or adverse effect to the bike or ECM? Was there a noticeable difference when installed?

    I'm just trying to get some third party examples or opinions. After much thought and comparing and not wanting to drop $500 and more to get a unit from what I can read the Dobeck EJK seems to be the best bang for the buck. Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Exhaust and a/c change will lean your scoot out and the gen3 will complement the fuel needs just fine.

    Many here on the forum run or have run the Dobeck system with no issues.
    Make sure you tell Dobeck you are a member here for the additional discount.
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