'07 1200L Suspension Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Shropdog, May 18, 2007.

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    Just bought a 1200L for my wife and all is good but, tweaks are needed for the suspension (re: ride quality). Has anyone out there replaced the rear shocks with Progressive (or other brands) shocks....if so....give me your opinions on the upgrade (brand and model of shock would be helpful too). The stock shocks are set on the #1 - softest setting. Also, the fork oil is listed by HD as type "E" with no weight. I am told type E is "about" 12.5 weight and I am thinking about reducing the weight to a 10, maybe 7.5...any thoughts on that? I also thought about reducing the amount of fork oil per leg just a tick...current amount per fork leg is 12.3 oz....again, any thoughts? The bottom line is I am simply trying to soften the suspension just a bit. The dealer says the suspension will soften a bit with miles and I thought about waiting until 1k miles and see how it feels. The tire air pressue is set per the manual for a solo rider (30/36). Thanks and any feedback is appreciated!
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    I have 1500 miles on my 06 1200R and the suspension seems the same to me. it is a hard suspension and you feel all the bumps in the road, but i'm pretty sure that's how all the sportsters are gonna be.
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    Progressive 412 Shocks , and yer problems are gone! the 412's can be found for around $200 bucks shipped, and their Fork Springs are less than a $100, soemthing like $70. Best investment ya can do IMHO
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