'06 Sporty starter issues

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Rtem8, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Let me start by saying I hate buying tires. I will never buy another pair of tires as long as I live.

    I had an '87 Nissan 300zx, bought tires, 2 months later threw timing belt.
    I had an '00 Hyundai Tiburon, bought tires, 3 months later tranny blew.
    I had an '97 Chevy Lumina, bought tires, 2 months later water in the coolant.

    I have a '06 xl1200R, bought tires, !2 weeks later! bike wont start.

    I turn on the key, everything works, lights, signels, horn, ect. Kill switch is set to 'run'. Fuel switch is on. I hit the starter switch and the starter sounds like its just spinning, and spinning, and spinning.... no matter what i do i cant get teh bike to start. I pulled and check the solenoid, everything looks good, but still no joy.

    I read thur many forums, theres no corrosion, fused and relays look good. theres no clicking sounds. The starter just spins and wont start my bike.


    And please dont say to replace the tires.
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    Try to be more direct in questions looking for answers to problems that you are having. All the non-sense about tires will cause members to stray for post might seem to not be serious and a joke. There is a wealth of willingness to share info and in getting you on the right track to problem corrected from vast knowledge this forum has to offer.

    You say you are hearing spinning when starter button applied. Is the engine turning over while your hearing the spinning noise????
    Have you checked the self help section???
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    No the engine is not turning over when I press the starter switch and when I hear the spinning from the starter.
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    Sounds like the starter drive pinion gear is not throwing out and engaging the ring gear. The starter drive/clutch is a replaceable assembly (about $95), but you will have to disconnect main battery, (keep fob if you have alarm system handy), pull the driver peg bracket (may need a shortened Allen wrench), tranny/primary cover (after draining trans), pull rear exhaust pipe, crossover pipe/bracket and muffler, wiring loom bracket, disconnect solenoid wire connector and heavy starter terminal. Getting to the 2 Allen bolts, removing the starter is not too tricky after that mental exercise. Rebuilding the starter drive...just remember to think clean, properly lube contact surfaces with high temp grease and don't use fine contact file to "just" take the scale off the surfaces (I also clean the copper washer contactor surface) or just "flip it over". Reverse the order and you should be golden. If you are tentative, you can/should take digital pix of how things were to use as reference, use a piece of cardboard to hold the fasteners in the pattern they come off (they are different lengths and easy to mix up). If you have any problems with the fasteners, buy new stainless or chrome replacement ones (good reason to do this exercise on a Friday night, so you have all of Saturday to get more resources from your dealer....good luck! :D
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    Starters are one of the easiest things to repair yourself. Look on youtube for starter rebuild videos. Very simple. Pull it yourself and watch the video. While you are in there, check bushings for the armature (both ends) and the condition of the brushes. Sounds like spring for the gear is bad or getting hung up.