06 Road Gide Front End CLunk !!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDSKI, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. HDSKI

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    18k miles. All service is up to date. Had the 20k Front fork service done early because i thought that was what the Clunk noise was from. WRONG!
    Makes the clunking noise when changing lanes at freeway speeds, crossing over the raised lane dividers. Makes the Clunking noise when hitting man hole covers or any uneven road surface.
    Took bike to Harley Davidson shop that i bought bike from. they noticed that my front tire was over inflated. lowering psi from 40 to 36 did make a difference but clunk is still present.
    My Harley Certified Mech. is at a loss also of what the Clunk could be.
    Any ideas ?
    Does not sound or feel safe !
    I want my bike back !
  2. glider

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    Tell your Harley Certified Mech to adjust the steering head bearings and do the fall away test. I had to do mine soon after a few miles were put on it. Very common thing on a new bike after the bearings seat in.
  3. Spade5

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    Probably not related but I had a clunk pretty much when I hit any uneven spot in the road. I assumed it was the Wide Glide clunk I have read about.

    I cannot remember the correct name but mine has a screw on cover for the stem nut? Anyhow, HD adjusted the steering head bearings at 5k and apparently didn't tighten this cover and it worked loose.

    This was kind of a hollow clunk and I would even notice it at cold startup idle when the engine is really shaking.