06 FXDBI, Stock vs. Double Barrel

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    This is my first video so be gentle. I took the video with my wife's Canon Powershot SD450, then uploaded it to Youtube. I actually took three different video's. I am hoping to give people who are in the market for pipes an idea of sound and loudness. Both of which are hard to do through my limited audio equipment (but hey somethings better than nothing right?).

    The first video is the bike stock. During the video I speak in a normal conversation voice and say "testing..." in order to give you an idea of loudness.

    The second video is the bike with the Double Barrels on (stock Air Filter, stock ECM).

    The third video is the finished product: Double Barrels, Arlen Ness Big Sucker Air Filter, Fuel Pack.

    Vid 1, Stock:

    Vid 2, DB:

    Vid 3, Final:
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    Thanks for posting, nice before and after vids.:s
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    VERY NICE VIDS !!!! Thanks for sharing with us here!! Gotta ? for ya --- have you had it dyno'd after the mods??
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    Thanks, I am trying to decide on where to take it to get it dyno'd. There are two places near me but I am unsure of what one to go to yet (Performance HD in Syracuse and Hillside in Munnsville NY). When I get it done Ill post the specs so people can see the change.
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    Great videos, well done!!:s
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    Ok, its been 6 weeks since I made these changes, here is an update.

    2006 FXDBI, V&H Double Barrel (quiet baffles), Big Sucker

    First of all, I got rid of the Fuelpak. I couldnt get my rig to stop popping and "back firing". It was mostly on deceleration, but would happen sometimes at random. This was not a huge issue by any means, but rather a nagging annoyance that would keep me up at night... thinking... wondering... thinking... wondering... how to make it stop. So the Fuelpak was a $200 mistake. Maybe I can sell it on Ebay and get some of that money back.

    So, I debated the PCIII but gave in and went to my dealer (had a blown out tire and needed to be in the shop for that anyways). I did a super tuner map and 5 hours on the dyno. Here are my numbers.

    Stock: ?? HP, ?? Torque
    Fuelpak: 71.34 HP, 77.42 Torque, 80 degrees, 53% humidity
    Super Tuner: 76.96 HP, 81.18 Torque, 88 degrees, 39% humidity

    I have only ridden about 20 miles on the new tune, but so far things are much better. I have not noticed the power increase, but I do notice that it runs much better. I tried pretty hard to make it pop and back fire on the new tune and couldnt make it happen. On the Fuelpak I had to try to not make it pop. To total cost of the super tuner + dyno was about $800.

    I know that the dyno numbers are pretty useless when comparing one bike to another, but does anyone know what a stock 06 fxdbi gets? Im just curious?!?
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    I may be mistaken but in the video's you call the pipes Vance and Hines, I do believe that they are Screamin Eagle 16 Ga Dbl Barrel Exhaust. Please correct me if I am wrong.